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In Store Savings

Our pro-shop, located in North Branford, Connecticut features the following product lines:

  • G&G Armament

  • Valken

  • Voodoo Tactical

  • Condor

  • Elite Force

  • Tactical Crusader

  • and more!


Industry experts say Airsoft gun risks are controllable, but it takes more than buying face protection. Be prepared to do the following: 

  • Learn and follow firearm safety guidelines.

  • Teach your child safe gun handling rules and make sure he uses them.

  • Buy and make sure your child uses a full face mask (such as a paintball mask).

  • Keep Airsoft guns locked and accessible only with express permission.

  • Provide an appropriate place for your child to play Airsoft games.

  • Actively supervise Airsoft games. Know the rules. Watch them play.

  • Make sure the orange tip stays on and clearly visible.

  • Talk with parents of your child’s friends. Make sure you understand their Airsoft rules.

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