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P2P - HDX 68 Shotgun - Black/Orange

P2P - HDX 68 Shotgun - Black/Orange

SKU: 2292306

Extreme situations demand extreme measures. This is where the .68-caliber P2P HDX 68 pump-action rifle comes into its own. With its imposing looks and impressive sound when charging, it shows it means business. Users will appreciate the intuitive operation. The rugged full-metal receiver and massive muzzle brake bring the weight of the Home Defense Extreme up to more than 3 kg for additional sturdiness. M-LOK slots on the sides enhance the versatility of the HDX 68.

Thanks to its 88g CO₂ capsule, the rifle has an increased shot capacity, and the optical and tactile pressure indicator will show that you’re ready to fire. If desired, the HDX 68 can be equipped with an adapter for 2x 12 g CO₂ capsules, which adds the quick piercing system to the features. The energy with this adapter will be at 24 Joule.

The internal tube magazine holds 16 round balls.

The eye-catching and characteristic color scheme serves to clearly identify them as non-lethal protective weapons. Used internationally, it signals a non-lethal defensive intent to potential aggressors and as a result has a de-escalating effect.

As ammunition, the user can choose from the full range of P2P roundballs in .68 caliber.

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