Product information "SP "Shocker XLS" marker"

The Shocker marker is a success story with a long history and tradition.
The original “Shocker 4x4 sport” of 1998 was the first electropneumatic marker, with its unique abundance of technological innovation, the modern era of paintballsport as we know it was introduced.
Many years and versions later, the present Shocker XLS offers the advanced player everything he expects, to help him exit the field as a winner.

- Freak XL Barrel
- Redesigned Boltsystem for more efficency and less kick
- Extended frame, more spacing betwenn regulator and gripframe for better ergonomics
- Reshaped Trigger Guard
- Sealed Power Button, for better protection of the OLED Board

Most important attributes: 
-    14”- All American Freak XL Barrel, inkl one freak insert
-    Attractive Design, form size for best handling at minimal weight
-    Hoseless airflow inside the marker
-    Regulator cover for best grip
-    Oled Board (graphic user interface) with plenty settings to adjust, if desired
-    Shocker XLS Spool-Valve-Technology
-    Quick-Release-Bolt, disassembly of Bolt is possible with the push of one button only
-    Lever Detents, the balldetents are springbearing and subside from the bolt, while holding the ball in place 
-    “Shocker XLS Eye System” especially reliable break beam eyes as A.C.T. (anti-chop-technologies)
-    The Shocker XLS ships with a high quality semi-rigid fabric case, to protect during transport and storage

Barrel tread:     Autococker/Matrix
weight:     646g (without barrel)
length:        21,5cm (without barrel)
wide:         2,9cm Body (3,5cm at Feed)
height:         20,2cm (incl Feed and ASA)



    Contact Information
    50 Shaw Road
    North Branford, CT 06471

    P: 203-909-2030

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