The Protech Airsoft Mk2.5 HPA Cylinder replacement fits into almost any centerline nozzle gearbox system. This product was first introduced in 2014 as the MkII, and the second generation product is known as the Mk2.5. What makes this product unique to all other rear biased nozzle HPA systems is the AirBrake Nozzle System. The AirBrake Nozzle System controls the speed AND force of the nozzle when loading each BB. This speed and force control allows the MkII and Mk2.5 systems to have the best feed and FPS consistency rate of any rear biased system on the market. The AirBrake Nozzle System also allows users to use hopup buckings and configurations that most other systems are not compatible with, such as Prometheus soft purple buckings. The Mk2.5 took the best features of the MkII and brought them over into the new generation. The Mk2.5 is slightly more air efficient, with most users reporting 10-15% average increase in air efficiency.


Key Features:

- Proudly Engineered & Manufactured in the USA

-Patent Pending AirBrake Nozzle System loads each bb at a controlled speed with low force, solving the issue other rear biased nozzle HPA systems not feeding with many hopup and bucking configurations

-Fits into most Center-line nozzle AEG’s with little to no modification

-Upgrade Kits from MkII to Mk2.5 available from retailers

-14 + Nozzles available standard & more coming Q2 2017

-Custom Nozzles & Wire harnesses available standard

-UFCU Control system uses easy visual programming with an LCD and 5 -way Joystick

-3+ Month battery life in standby on a 2s 250mah LipO

-3 Local Profiles able to be stored directly on FCU, no need for Bluetooth profile storage for each of your configurations

-Best value of any drop-in HPA system on the Market - $300USD


Technical Information:

-Operating Pressure: 35-125PSI

-Operating Input voltage:  6-8.4v – 2s Lipo should be used. 3 Cell and NImh/Nicd may cause damage to electronics

-Operating velocity:  250-650fps w/.2g BB – Dependent upon setup


What is included (V2 Kit):

-Mk2.5 HPA Engine with M4 Nozzle

-UFCU Fire Control System

-14” Wire Harness

-V2 Trigger Board

-Buffer retainer screw

-Airline with 1/8 UNI male termination

What you will need:

-Air source such as a paintball tank – only clean dry air should be used

-Regulator capable of pressure range between 40-120psi

-Airline and 1/8 Female connection to supplied airline

-2s Lipo with JST RCY connection


-3year Manufacturer defect on mechanical components

-1year Manufacturer defect on electrical components

-O-Rings and Seals, wear and tear, and abuse not warrantied


Warranty claims within the US must be filed directly with TPA.

Protech Airsoft - Mk2.5 HPA Engine V2 Kit


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