Product Description:

This Airsoft replica of the popular M&P 9mm pistol used by law enforcement & military professionals.

This pistol features crisp blowback and authentic trademarks engraved into the slide and grip.

The iron sights are fully adjustable and come painted with white dots for quicker aiming.

The slide & barrel are full metal and the grip is made of a sturdy polymer, just like the real thing.

The slide can be removed for cleaning and hop-up adjustments.

The hop up puts backspin on the BBs which makes them fly straighter. The magazine is also metal. It houses the Co2 and has a capacity of 15 BBs. Included in the box are two extra backstraps for the pistol grip. They can easily be changed out for the shooters comfort. The gun also has a built in thumb safety.

S&W M&P (9mm) Training Airsoft Pistol


    Contact Information
    50 Shaw Road
    North Branford, CT 06471

    P: 203-909-2030

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