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Tactical Paintball and Airsoft (TPA) is proud  to serve airsoft and paintball enthusiasts of all ages and abilities! 


We offer a wide range of products perfectly suited for those who are just beginning their airsoft and/or paintball adventure or to those who have been playing for many years. 


Most importantly, we believe in safety.   We understand there are parents of children who have developed an interest in either paintball or airsoft and know of the growing concern with the sport(s)' safety.  We understand it may be difficult to differentiate what may look like a real weapon, vs. an airsoft gun.  

“The key is education,” says John Geisness, a National Rifle Association (“NRA”) certified training counselor who teaches gun-handling courses throughout Northern California. Geisness recommends parents and minors both take at least the NRA’s Home Firearm Safety Course, a short non-shooting class.

As an airsoft retailer, we find ourselves sometimes assuming a parenting role, especially when it comes to educating parents and children who are new to the sport.

We encourage healthy dialogue , and are always willing to offer support and advice when there is any question pertaining to safety, use, handling of any airsoft (or paintball) product.

We've spent a lot of our time researching the growing safety concerns of Airsoft.  In this time, we came across this link.  


Please visit this website to hear a parents' take on the sport.




Industry experts say Airsoft gun risks are controllable, but it takes more than buying face protection. Be prepared to do the following: 

  • Learn and follow firearm safety guidelines.

  • Teach your child safe gun handling rules and make sure he uses them.

  • Buy and make sure your child uses a full face mask (such as a paintball mask).

  • Keep Airsoft guns locked and accessible only with express permission.

  • Provide an appropriate place for your child to play Airsoft games.

  • Actively supervise Airsoft games. Know the rules. Watch them play.

  • Make sure the orange tip stays on and clearly visible.

  • Talk with parents of your child’s friends. Make sure you understand their Airsoft rules.

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Our pro-shop, located in North Branford, Connecticut features the following product lines:

  • G&G Armament

  • Valken

  • Condor

  • Elite Force

  • KWA

  • Kydex Holster Solutions


  • and more!

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