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Safety should be your number one concern when playing paintball. If it is not, then paintball is not the game for you. Why? Because paintball markers can cause serious injury if not used with respect and maturity.


You may have noticed all our paintballers on the web site have one thing in common. They all are wearing paintball masks. You must wear a paintball mask not a pair of ski goggles, safety glasses or anything other than a paintball mask. Any other form of eyewear will not be able to protect you from a flying paintball. Our masks cover most prescription glasses.


Some seasoned players will wear short sleeves in summer weather. However outside of those situations you want to cover as much of your skin as possible. Even your fingers. Why? The answer should be obvious. A paintball will not only sting, but can cause a small bruise if you don't cover up properly.

Paintball paint is washable and biodegradable, so wearing you favorite sweatshirt is OK. Just don't leave the paint on your clothing for for an extended period of time. Any paint will stain if left to dry long enough. Remember you will be running, sliding, perhaps falling, or diving about the terrain. It is not a fashion show, so wearing your best dress clothes is not advised.

Our best advice is wear long sleeves and long pants. Any gloves will help, and if you can cover your head with even a bandana you may avoid getting paint on your hair from direct hits or splatter.


You can wear padded clothing, multiple shirts, a heavy coat or whatever you feel is going to allow you to run and play freely but not inhibit your ability to have fun.


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