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Law Enforcement

We are excited to announce our new LEO weapon training gear program!

TPA owner Todd Talmadge is proud to be the first in the nation to be a certified instructor on the Umarex T4E training products.  Our efforts will be in partnership with Jamie Arute from Alpha Krav Maga in Cheshire, CT.  We will be offering cerfications and advance training on this  As a local airsoft and paintball sports equipment provider, we have decided to take the next step and provide you with a better option to help make your training more fluid, flexible and precise. 


With the current use of simunitions, there are limitations regarding training locations, and mobility of your program. We can provide you with expert sales and long-term service. 


TPA prides itself in supporting members of law enforcement.
We understand that training is a crucial aspect of being involved in law enforcement & security and it is what keeps them engaged and ready to do their jobs when critical situations arise.  TPA has a proven track record in supplying rifles and pistols to local municipalities & security teams for them to use in training scenarios abnd practice. 


T4 Survival is the culmination of the desire to prepare our Law Enforcement, Military and Citizenry with the tools that they can use to survive the worst of situations.  We have brought together the knowledge and experience of 75 years of Combative, Firearm and Law Enforcement Training to develop curriculum that will put you into intense situations to apply that knowledge with the benefit of a controlled environment.  The T4 Survival team has developed curriculum to give you the skills to combat all aspects of that moment you are faced with life or death.  From training to combat ambush to home invasion we have a plan to survive!

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