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Valken M17 Home Defense Upgrades

M17 Upgrades for Less-than-Lethal Protection!

An extremely popular magazine fed paintball gun, the Valken M17 also leads a double life as a reliable and potent tool for less than lethal home defense! While the M17 paintball gun is capable in its stock form for this role, Valken offers several accessories, options and M17 upgrades that can be added to this affordable paintball gun to improve and increase its capability when used for this purpose. Building a Valken M17 for home defense requires just a few simple accessories and upgrades to provide the owner with a powerful and capable less than lethal paintball gun.

Valken M17 Basics

In its stock form, the Valken M17 magazine fed paintball gun is a simple, affordable paintball gun that requires just a few basics to be prepared for use. First and foremost of these is a small paintball compressed air tank to provide the air power to run the paintball gun and power each shot. The Valken M17 is not delivered with one in the box, allowing each individual user to select an air tank best suited to their intended use. Most paintball players and even those who choose to build a Valken M17 for home d

efense will select a 13 cubic inch, 3000psi paintball compressed air tank as this model will thread directly into the bottle adapter at the rear of the M17 and fit inside the gun’s included shoulder stock once it is assembled. The Valken M17 should only be used with compressed air, never CO2. Once a suitable paintball air tank is selected for use with the Valken M17, a user can assemble their paintball gun by threading the barrel on, adding the included flip-up sights, threading the compressed air tank in, attaching the shoulder stock and preparing the magazine for use by winding and loading it with round or shaped .68 caliber projectiles such as paintballs, powder balls, rubber balls or First Strike rounds. A single, 18 round magazine is included with each Valken M17. It is extremely critical to the performance of the Valken M17 that the owner study and learn how to operate and load the magazine properly as this mechanical device is the keystone that will ensure that the M17 feeds and functions properly and effectively.

Valken M17 Accessories

Once a Valken M17 owner has assembled their magazine fed paintball gun and is familiar with its operation, they can begin the process of building an M17 for home defense in adherence with all local laws and regulations. Valken offers several M17 accessories and upgrades that can improve the paintball gun’s handling and capabilities whether used as a piece of sporting equipment to enjoy magfed paintball, or as a tool for home and family less than lethal defense and protection. These accessories include longer, internally rifled barrels, sights and scopes, various replacement stocks and fore grips and

dual magazine clamps. While these accessories were built with the paintball battlefield in-mind and most are not suitable for use in the tighter quarters of a home surrounded by breakable objects and unprotected loved ones, a few key upgrades to the M17 can dramatically increase its effectiveness when used for defensive purposes.

Contact us for a free consultation with one of our law enforcement specialists to discuss your home defense or departmental needs.

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