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Airsoft Safety Tape Kit (2.5cm*3m )

Airsoft Safety Tape Kit (2.5cm*3m )



Valken Incorporated is committed to providing our customers the very best Airsoft products in the marketplace. Recent government legislation has raised questions related to the appearance of Airsoft guns with regard to realism and potential confusion of non-game participants related to personal danger. This includes law enforcement officials always deserve our upmost respect and support of their personal sacrifice to maintain the public safety.

As an Airsoft gun owner it is your responsibility to operate your Airsoft gun in a safe manner. This includes ensuring that non-game participants are not misinformed as to any potential danger to them or others. You are also required to ensure your Airsoft gun meets all local, state or federal regulations. Never modify your Airsoft gun so that it does not meet these requirements. Breach of any of these regulations could result in severe penalties. Anytime you see anyone who is not a game participant entering the field of play its best to stop the game and set down all Airsoft guns slowly so to indicate there is no danger to uninvolved individuals. Never brandish or threaten anyone with an Airsoft gun in any way. If you see law enforcement officials coming toward your playing area, you should immediately suspend the game and set your Airsoft guns on the ground in a slow non-threatening manner.

To assist you in meeting any special marking requirements in your state we have included a special marking tape which can easily applied to your products to ensure it meets requirements. We have also included images of the required marking for Airsoft guns used within California (after Dec 31st, 2015). Please review this image and mark your Airsoft gun so it resembles the images provided. The amount of tape provided is more than three times required to complete this task. It is recommended you store unused tape in a dry safe location for future use if needed. You should also review the various legal requirements for Airso

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