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Colt - Peacemaker (SAA45) - Nickel - Pellet

Colt - Peacemaker (SAA45) - Nickel - Pellet

SKU: 2254051

No other revolver has captured the American imagination like the Colt Peacemaker®. The old Single Action Army had a long life on the frontier, and an even longer life in Hollywood. And now you can shoot an authentic Colt, without the expense or kick of the .45. The Colt Peacemaker® six-shooter is a tack-driver that fires pellets from individual cartridges. The CO2 is housed in the grip. This fully functioning replica is as much fun to look at as it is to shoot.

150 Years! The Colt Peacemaker has now officially been around for 150 years. Help Celebrate this milestone by picking up your own CO2 powered Colt Peacemaker and save 10% on the purchase using discount code 150YEARS

.177 Caliber BB

6-Shot Capacity

12g CO2 Powered

Nickel Finish

Black Grips

Pellet Shells SKU 2254052

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