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Umarex  Gauntlet 2 SL22 - FDE Pellet Rifle

Umarex Gauntlet 2 SL22 - FDE Pellet Rifle

SKU: 2254832

The amazingly popular Gauntlet platform evolves again, this time with the addition of a smooth side lever action. The Gauntlet 2 SL22 (.22 caliber) continues to use the same 10-Shot auto-indexing rotary Gauntlet magazine that you may already be familiar with and the same all-weather ergonomic FDE stock that was debuted with the Gauntlet 2. Attach the precision optic of your choice to the combination 11 mm dovetail/Picatinny scope rail and start slinging your favorite .22 caliber pellet or airgun slug down range. The Gauntlet 2 SL22 produces 48 FPE and will send a 12 grain pellet out of the muzzle at 1,130 FPS. Oh, and it's now equipped with a 1/20 threaded muzzle too.

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