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* LE Only * 12”x24” Level III Ballistic Shield

* LE Only * 12”x24” Level III Ballistic Shield


12”H X 24”W Level III Ballistic Shield

**LE Order Only** -

Retail: $758 / LE Price: $568.50

Made with UHMWPE (polyethylene).

The ballistic shield is manufactured using a special pressing technique to create lighter ballistic shield.

Ballistic shield is rated for NIJ Level III.

Flat rectangle design for rigidity and maximum protection.

Grab handle with rubber grip can be used for left or right-handed carry use, hook and loop strap for the forearm support, and padded forearm backrest provide standoff protection against ballistic impact backface deformation.

Rugged, reliable, stress fracture resistant, and maintenance free.

Durable wearing hard edge protection.

Shield size: 12.0″H x 24.0″W x 4.75″D

Weight: 9.8 lbs.

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