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TAGinn TAG-015 CO2 Powered Grenade Launcher System for Airsoft AK Rifles

TAGinn TAG-015 CO2 Powered Grenade Launcher System for Airsoft AK Rifles


This is a pre-order item with an ETA (estimated arrival) of September 2019

A pre-order item is an up coming new product, or an item in the process of being restocked to the platform by it's manufacturer.By pre-ordering an item, you will have reserved the inventory availability to receive it before the goods arrive. All pre-order items are eligible for a full refund at any time during the waiting period; simply call or drop us an email with the order # and the pre-order item you would like to cancel for an immediate refund. Due to circumstances such as US customs inspection, factory delays and other situations out of our control, all ETAs (estimated time of arrival) are estimated to our best ability and are subject to change.


  • Aluminum construction with polymer reinforcement
  • Attaches to most AK Airsoft guns
  • Loads from the front of the tube similar to AK GP-25 grenade launcher systems
  • Flip up rear sight, adjustable left-right front sight. Front sight also acts as the cap for CO2 cartridge
  • Rifled bore to assist TAGinn projectile maximum effect on target accuracy and range

FPS: 10

The TAG-15™ Shell-less Grenade Launcher. This GL is allowing you to shoot without using any preloaded cartridges like a TAG Shells or BB Showers, but by directly inserting a 40mm TAG projectiles inside a TAG-15 riffled barrel.

The special QRC (Quick Reload Chamber) system, allowing to replace a 12gr CO2 tank just in 3 seconds without any additional tools. The incredible fire rate, efficiency and accuracy will let you shoot 10-12 shots using single 12gr CO2 cartridge, right on your target.

Length: 310mm
Weight: 1020g
Compatibility: Works with TAGinn launchable projectiles. Fits on most Airsoft AK rifles
Capacity: 1 Shell
Gas System: 1x 12g CO2 cartridge
Fire Modes: Fire, Safe

Manufacturer: TAGinn


We have TPA Milsim Employees attending most milsim events on the east coast and can hand deliver any pre-ordered/prepaid items. 


Please contact Jakub Grubski for special orders.

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