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HK 416 A5 Comp-6mm-black & green/brown (AEG)

HK 416 A5 Comp-6mm-black & green/brown (AEG)

SKU: 2275057

With its attention to detail and striking appearance, the HK416 A5 in Heckler & Koch color scheme green brown is one of the most popular guns in the airsoft world. What’s more, in terms of technology and workmanship it leaves nothing to be desired: the assault rifle is ambidextrous and comes with an integrated MOSFET. Thanks to its adjustable shoot-up and muzzle energy of 1.6 joules, every pellet in its HiCap magazine hits the mark.


Energy level (E₀)< 1.6 J
Caliber6 mm BB
Power sourceelectric
Magazine capacity300 rounds
SafetyFire Selector
Length805 mm
Weight2970 g
Recommended BBs0,20 g
Battery versionB + LC, C + LC, D + LC, E

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