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- Planet Eclipse Geo CS1.5

- Planet Eclipse Geo CS1.5



The CS1 has proven hugely successful on the tournament circuit, winning most events in most countries across the globe. Since its launch in 2014 there have been a few tweaked versions of the CS1, such as the very special CSR and the Team Edition CSPro. The tweaks made to those models improved the marker in numerous ways and influenced the decision to create the latest model in the CS line of high-end performance markers. 

  • TOUGH. HARD. DIRECT. AGGRESSIVE. – The CS1.5 does away with the sweeping lines and curves of the original CS1 and brings a more direct and aggressive approach to its styling.
  • LOW – An all-new low-rise feedneck and self-locking sprocket thumbwheel
  • LIGHT – This awesome Carbon fibre barrel kit comes with one 0.689 insert.
  • SHARP – A feature taken from the CSR, the Blade trigger looks and feels special.
  • REFINED – Bespoke milled POPS continues the hard, aggressive styling influences.
Color: Light Trooper

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