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They Have Arrived

And it’s about time. Yes, the Gauntlet 2SL in .22 and .25 have arrived. In case you need a reminder, the Gauntlet has historically used a bolt action system, but now the new generation of the Gauntlet is equipped with a side lever.  


We were able to introduce the .30 caliber Gauntlet SL earlier in the year and it was a huge success.  We sold out in a short period of time and have been awaiting a restock. Moreover, the people who chose the G30 SL loved the side lever and love the big 24 cubic inch tank and consistent performance the Gauntlet is known for. 


For those of you who, like me, like to shoot a less air hungry .22 or .25 caliber pellet rifle, here ya go!  In .22 the magazine holds 10 rounds and the rifle will come with two magazines and a single shot tray. In .25 caliber, you will get 8 shots per magazine and, likewise, two magazines and a single shot tray in the box. 


For those of you who are still shooting the original Gauntlet, you might appreciate the simple and fast stock riser adjustment on the Gen 2 stock, in addition to how smooth and easy it is to work the action. Additionally the barrel assembly has been re-engineered so that it still has internal baffling and offers shooters ½”X20 threads to attach muzzle devices. 


So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the product page for the Gauntlet 2SL in .22 or Gauntlet 2SL in .25 and put it in your cart.  Need ammo, too? How about a compressor? Check out the awesome deals we have on the bundles on the top of the page for an even better deal!

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